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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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newt/romney. >> we shall see. a couple of weeks from the iowa caucuses. that's all of our time. thank you for watching. check out my web site. you can also follow me on twitter. have a very good night and a great weekend. >> tonight, governor mitt romney goes "on the record." he has big news, news that has the other republican canned daights green with envy. romney picked up the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. and she is also here. she will tell you why she says governor romney is the republblican candidate to beat president obam a. but first, here's governor mitt romney. >> governor, nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> i see you brought some friends. >> i have a few friends near south carolina. very exciting. >> very excited to see you, especially with the news of the governor here in south carolina. >> big news. having nikki haley endorse my campaign sent a shock wave through the political circles
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here in south carolina. i am delighted. it's a piece of very good news this week. >> all of us have had our blackberries and iphones buzzing because earlier, you said something to the effect -- correct me if i am wrongue have gotten involved in government, you didn't know what medicaid is. do you want to explain that? >> i didn't know how the system works. back in the 1980s, itches working in a care consulting practice so i knew how medicaid and medicare exist. but the particulars and how much the state would send and how much the federal government would send and how that works, that takes -- frankly, when i was running for governor, i learned a great deal more and when i ran in 1994. the programs, i am quite familiar with and was for quite a while. >> is it difficult that we seize on every single word. and we try to read something into it that someone doesn't know something or someone's sleighting someone. does that bother you? >> it's part of the process. i understand that. in some cases, it is a little
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silly, where people try to focus on a word and say, or does this mean something much greater than the person intended? it gets cleared up. but i don't think the public focuses on those things as perhaps the 24-hour news cycle make its appear. >> everybody's interested in the economy. so let me start with china. day 1, you say you would declare china a currency manipulator that. would empower you -- or the government to put tariffs on products from china. right? >> that's right. it's very clear to me, that china by virtue of manipulating their currency and stealing iblght -- intellectual property from america, as well as hacking into corporate and government computers, is not playing by the rules. and we can all be worried about what they will do as a response to our cracking down on them, but you can't have people cheat year after year after year. so have you to make sure that we protect our industry and our jobs and expect to play on a
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level playing field. >> but there are enormous costs in any decision a president makes. if we put tariffs on products in wal-mart and across the country, they will all go up because we have to pay the price when we buy the product. plus, we have the problem that we owe china so much money and they have their foot on our throat. and we need china to deal with north korea and nuclear weapons because we are friends with south korea and japan and we don't want a situation with nuclear weapons. so how do you balance all of those issues? >> china hasn't been helpful geopoliticalally that we would like to see their help in. they have stalled and held off on tough sanctions on iran, for instance and the great challenge of this time is a nuclear iran. they belly up to some of the most reprehensible characters in the world, north carolina, kim jung. >> caller:l or venezuela or burma or may an -- mayanmar.
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but putting that aside, but if we say, we are willing to lose american businesses and jobs, year after yeara ever year because we are afraid of what china might do, do, that's an admission of extraordinary weakness. >> what about the prices going up on the products? we already are a very china product consuming nation. we are up to our eyeballs in buying from china. >> what do we say when the prices go up and people are squawking that they are paying tvs? >> if chinese tvs cost more, that's the way it has to be. i am not willing to lose american jobs to buy tvs from china. i want to make sure that we have china on a level playing field. right now, they are discounting their products on a very dramatic basis and in doing so, closing down american businesses, killing american jobs, and we can say, oh, it's great, we are getting these products cheap.
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it's like saying, we are paying the cannibal to eat us last. it doesn't make sense. that's paraphrasing winston chump lil, his line not mine. we have to recognize that china is not playing by the rules. we can win on a level playing field. but we can't have them hollow our manufacturing and economy. >> what about north korea? how would you handle north korea and the issue of china, as well? what would you do differently from the current or the prior bush administration? >> we have had very little progress in dealing with north korea. from time to time, they decide to negotiate with us. and in the negotiations, we promise to give them certain things they want and they promise to forebear from nuclear ambition and of course, we give them what they want and they pursue their nuclear ambition. i don't see a change in pattern. they will want to negotiate again for free stuff. we have to recognize they have no interest in giving up their nuclear weaponry. they are selling their
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technology around the world. their nuclear and missile technology. the facility in syria that was bombed out by the israelis was almost certainly from a north korea design and facility. we have to isolate them, to make them feel the pain of being one of the world's worst actors. >> but what would you do exactly? we have tried to ice themalate them. we have given them food, not given them food, given them oil and not given them oil. they are going full speed ahead and they are the wal-mart of nuclear technology around the world. is there anything your administration would do different or continue what is being done now? >> the best thing we can do with regard to north korea is to have tough economic sanctions by virtue of their policy, make sure their technology's not exported around the world, that can use that technology against
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us or our friends in the world. and then finally, against china, to act as a responsible neighbor. china represents two-thirds of their foreign trade, pressure on china, encouraging china to act as a responsible member of the world community, recognizing that north korea's not playing by the rules. >> and how do we handle china? china hasn't done it. i mean, they are back to square 1. how do we get the countries to do these things and be responsible? >> we really can't tell everybody in the world what to do. we can tell them what we believe is in their and our best interest and find play places of mutual interest. china has everything they want. they have full access to the u.s. markets, and yet they have no consequence of violating the trade rules that should exist between us of standing next to iran and allowing them to pursue their nuclear weaponry without
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tough sanctions. they are getting the best of both worlds. at some point, someone has to stand up to china and the other people in the world who are not acting in the interest of a global community. >> housing market here in the united states. people can't sell their houses. people are unemployed and may find a job in another community, but they can't afford to move. a president romney would do what for the housing community? and how fast would you see relief? >> in my first four years as president, i would get the economy working again. there are a series of things that have to be done to make our economy the power house we need to be for this 21st century. and the power house we need to put people back to work. i have laid out those steps. tax, regulation, energy policy. they relate to trade policies, the rule of law. our education system and workforce training, immigration and balancing our federal budget. you do those things, this economy starts to grow.
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we add 11 1/2 million in my four-year first term if i am lucky. that allows people see folks with higher incomes, more people employed and more homes purchased. and that helps to lift the housing market. but i won't say, let's bail everybody out and buy homes. this bailout approach that the president's taken has been an abject failure. he tried to say, we will pay you cash for clunkers. that was a total waste of money, not effective. trying to stop the market from foreclosing and allowing the market to reboot and start over and see how the prices rise is also unsuccessful. >> everything you laid out is dependent on getting congress to work with you. unless have you 60 republican senators, you are in a situation where you have a divided congress and all of those things you want to do, you will run into a wall. what makes you different as a president you can work with a divided congress than every other president who said he
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being? >> you know, i had the misfortune and the good fortune of being elected in a state where my legislature was 85% dm. so i knew from the beginning that i had to have the speaker of the house and the senate president understand me, know me, respect me and i them. we came together, every week for an hour. or longer, talked about the issues of the state. behind closed doors. i rotated in different offices to meet with them, show respect to them. >> is president obammant doing that? >> he is absolutely not doing that. he has not made the effort to open himself to the input of the republicans. i remember the stimulus, he said he wanted republican input. on the first day of the hearings, nancy pelosi introduced the democrat plan. he had good rhetoric, but the actions showed that he had all the votes he needed and didn't listen to the republicans,
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created a one-party atmosphere in washington, d.c. and now that there are two parties, he doesn't know what to do. >> would you listen to the democrats? >> of course, you listen to the in thees. >> how would you be different listening to democrats than president obama is listening to republicans? >> well, he doesn't listen. he doesn't listen. he doesn't lead. he doesn't sit down and say, okay, what do you need? and what does this group need? and then look for ways to say, is there some common ground here? we can find something that works for both of you? and use his leadership to encourage, particularly, his own party, to make necessary adjustments, to come to a meeting point, without violating the principles and same things with republicans, use the influence to pull them to the issues that don't violate their principles and that's the nature of leadership. ronald reagan did that with tip o'neill. dwight i'd hour did that, you -- dwight eisenhower did that. you look at the great presidents, they worked with both parties because they had to. >> have you said and all the other republican candidates, you
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want to repeal the national health care that president obama has enacted with the help of congress, of course. explain how you are going to do this. unless you get a republican senate, you need 60 senators in the senate to do it. so you are going to come to washington and feel like the and the run into that wall. you are not going to convince the democrats to back down. so how do you intend to repeal health care? >> a couple of ways. first, kitake actions, initially, the original legislation left an opening, which allows for the president to provide waivers from obama care. i will direct the secretary of health and human serses to provide waivers to every state in america from obama care. >> through the back door. >> that's a back door. then i take the front dorks look for repeal and replacement. i do intend to replace obama care and to -- to allow states to be the home where we are able to care for nose who don't have insurance or that are poor. and in that setting, i will take
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medicaid dollars and return them to the state. these solutions, i building i will be able to find good democrats, like good republicans to say, okay, kigo along with this, this meets my principles and will work for the american people. >> negative ads work. i don't know if you have done t. do you feel confirm with the negative ads? i reelz all the candidates do it. but do you feel comfortable doing that? >> our campaign hasn't put up -- >> the super pac has. >> as you know, by virtue of the law, i have no involvement whatsoever -- >> you can tell them not to. >> actually, i can't. >> you can disavow them. >> you know what isn't idea that negative ads are a new phenomenon. >> they are not new. >> the big media deal. i'm a big boy. there are attacks against me. when the democrats come in with $1 billion, they will be,
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attacking us. if i can't handle the attacks and other guys can't, we can't be ready for barack obama. i have broad shoulders -- >> what about the others? i am saying, you know, citizens complain about that and they pay attention to them. that's the terrible thing about the negative ads, everyone says they don't like them, but they have an impact and everybody watches them. but they never seem to stop. should they stop? >> of course not. that would be -- go back to the founding of the country. and look at the campaign, back in the days of washington and adams and jefferson. people are talking about contrasts between one another and the differences. that's the nature of the political process. trying to -- to suggest that we're going on move into a nirvana-style political world doesn't make sense. on the other hand, there are people who in their ads, don't tell the truth, or misrepresent and there are some ads that have gotten pinocchio's -- >> there was an ad where you
10:15 pm
were quoting president obama and president obama was really quoting john mccain. >> we put that out, as you know, we released a press release and pointed that out. >> but why would you put that ad out? >> we wanted to make it very clear what he said about john mccain was not true about him. that was the person. we pointed that out in our press release. look at ad, what he said about john mccain is now being said about him. you are satisfied with na? >> we put that out very clearly in the press releases and we talked about it. everyone heard that story ump teen times. >> your strategy this year, compared to four years ago? any thoughts on it? >> if i have not learned anything in a second campaign, i would be embarrassed. there are some differences. you are probably better guessing what they are than i am. for me, it's real time. ure know, i guess one of the important things for me is to make sure that people understands that i am in this
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campaign because i am very concerned about america. i think what -- [inaudible] where government takes from some to give to others or we crush the pleas dream. i want to exeep america an opportunity society, a merit-based system. that's the choice we have in this country. vispent my life in the real economy in america. i know what it takes to get the economy going. i know how we create jobs in america. it's an extraordinary distinction between me and president obama and the other guys on the stage. they spent their life in politics, nothing wrong with that. but i spent my career in the private sector and i think that gives me a real advantage. >> next, straight ahead, south carolina governor nikki haley joins governor romney. why is she endorsing him? hear from the governors next. and big news in the fannie and freddie investigation. former execs fates facing fraud charges, but there is a catch.
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>> south carolina governor nikki haley says she need ace partner in washington. today, she announced she is endorsing, governor mitt romney for president. tonight, governor nikki haley
10:21 pm
joins governor romney to go record roar. >> welcome to south carolina. >> thank you, governor. you have made the news that you are endorsing or have endorsed governor romney. last may, you at least seemed troubled by his health care that he had at that point, he hadn't told you his view on the massachusetts health care and the national health care. what changed. >> i think what we are seeing a lot of americans go through is the thought process of who will be the perfect person to take on this country during this time? a lot of what i thought was what are the issues that are person to me as governor of the state, what are the issues that i hear all the families across the country talk about? it always comes back to spending, the economy and jobs. what i know now is there is a lotted of chaos in washington, d.c. we need no more of t. so first, i thought, we can't have anybody related to washington. and this isn't about what you say. we need someone who has done it.
10:22 pm
when you look at governor romney's record, he has taken broken companies and turned them around. he has taken a week -- weakened olympic system and made it a prize for this country. he knows how to make real decision, not just taking votes. i can say that. it's very different to make a decision, versus a vote. he has made decisions. and the decisions he made would cut taxes 19 times in a statestate that had an 85% majority democrat legislation. that's remarkable. that's what we are talk about when we are talking about washington, somebody who can go in there fresh. we have a lot of problems. down to get to the solutions, the other side, michael and i are a military family, military's very important to us and he understands that we have to strengthen our military. he understands we don't have to be apologetic for it. when we have a president that has done nothing but try to weaken it, this is an important factor. >> how about the others? you think the others could beat
10:23 pm
president obama? >> for me, i don't think i have to put down the candidates to make this guy look good. i will tell you, the hardest part about my job that i did know as governor is the federal government, whether it is dealing with the medicaid or illegal immigration or the voter i.d. or the nlrb and bowing and the unions have gotten in the way. i need a partner. i need a partner in washington. what i have known the past year as governor, i don't have a partner right now. vi-- when i try to protect jobs from boeing, i had a president who was working against me, trying to get threm out. what i am looking for is someone who understands how business works, someone who understands strengthening private sector as the way to go. so i don't think it's about what the other candidates can or can't do, i want to focus on the one i know can do it and has proven proven it. >> i make it sound like a prom date. i saw your wife, curious behind the scenes, many wanted the governor's endorsement here. did she call and you tell you? how did you swing this one?
10:24 pm
>> lwe have known each other for sometime. and i have been in touch with her and with her office, talked about my issues. we have exchanged views, time and again. i am delighted that after the debates and my responses to the questions she had, that she came and decided to support my team and obviously, this is a huge statement. this makes an enormous difference here. speaker gingrich has a real strong lead here. for her tosta stabbed up and say i am going to back somebody not real high in the polls in south carolina because i believe mitt romney can win. by the way, there was a time she wasn't real high in the polls. i am hoping that her experience of coming from behind and winning is the same experience i have here. >> of course, you endorsed her. >> for sure. >> i am curious, governor, last time, governor romney came in fourth here, you think that then it was a hard sell. you know, are you going to go out and pound the pavement?
10:25 pm
how are you going to convince the people who who four years ago weren't interested in governor romney? >> this is interesting. first to answer your question, yes, michael and i are going to do everything we can to support the romneys. but this is what's interesting for me. we had talked a couple of times, but we had a meeting, a few weeks back. i said i am going to ask you some really tough questions and i need some answers. i said, i'm not for the health care mandate. south carolina can't afford it. what are you going to do? he said, day 1, i'm going to offer south carolina a waiver and and other state that wants and i am going to work to repeal the health care mandate. i said, you know the issues with the unions. what are you going to do? he said, we are going on put as much pressure on the unions as we can and we turn it back to the private sector, to use transparency. i brought up yucca mounaintain, which so manyitate states have had to deal with. i said, how can you handle that? he said, we will make that
10:26 pm
promises made are promises kept. whether we put that waste in another state or give the states their money back, we will solve problems. i bring this up because in 2008, i endorsed a candidate who very much wanted to win. in 2011, what i see is not a candidate that cares about winning, this is a leader who is ready to be president -- >> what changed? >> i see a calmness, a leadership ability. this is not about talking about how to win votes, he is about what he wants to do the first 30 days in white house, getting people back to work. there is a leadership that when i walked out of there, i knew this was right, i knew this was right because i want someone who understands the american families can't wait. we need help and we need it now. we need courage and we need it now. we don't need someone who wants to figure out day 1, this is a man who spent four years trying to figure out what he wanted to
10:27 pm
do and how and there is not going to be a learning curve. >> lying to the government and taxpayers. that's what former fannie and freddie execs are accused of. sounds criminal, doesn't it? why are they only facing civil charges? a special deal for specially and people? that's next. and an immigration battle's exploding in connecticut. a senator says a my plan offends every bone in his body. does it offend you? we will tell but it. i wouldn't do that. get married? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry.
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>> did they lie, six former executives of fannie and freddie face securities frauds charges. the sec alleges that they lied to the taxpayers and the government. they say it was no ordinary lie. it was described as trlg. the sec says in part, the material misstatements misled the market about the risks and the accompanying books. but are the skitives getting off easy isn't charges are civil, not criminal. so no one goes on jail. only the department of justice can bring criminal charges. are the executives getting off easy? or not? and if so, why would they get the pass? good evening, louise. >> good evening. >> tell me, exactly what is it that the sec claims the executives did? >> this is the financial disclosures that fannie and freddie were making in the years before the financial crisis.
10:32 pm
what they were telling investors about their financial statements and their book and what the sec says is that those housing giants, the mortgage giants didn't tell the market about the mess of subprime mortgage exposure they were building. and it was the subprime exposure that contributed in part in creating the government bailout. so we now own fannie and freddie because of that exposure to -- that the sec said they did not adequately disclose. >> is the allegation -- this is a civil allegation -- are they saying, but for those lies we might not have gone into this horrible collapse? >> well, there are a lot of people think that think it was more obvious how much risk was building in the financial system and the housing market, if it were more obvious tcould have been stopped sooner and we have a lot less economic harm. the best place to have spotted it wooer -- would have been on
10:33 pm
the books ever fannie and freddie. so you can make the argument, if they had had better disclosure, some of the damage may have been stemmed off. here's the information tiread today about the ceo of fanny may, testifying before congress in march of '07. he testified and you raise your hand and promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and ink but the truth, essentially. he said at that time, according to the testimony that fanny's subprime business represented less than 2% our book and that fanny held subprime mortgages very carefully. now what the truth is that it was substantially more than 2%. that's a lie. >> well, that's where it gets really interesting. you are right. when you go into congress, you are you should oath. okay? so that's a different situation than in a financial statement. one of the most common questions
10:34 pm
people have now is why there have not been criminal charges related to the financial crisis. there have been almost none. the department of justice really hasn't brought cases against major executives. and one area that some legal experts say they could look at would be what about all of this testimony? that has been given before congress by executives at about every major bank. were there things they said under oath that could bring possible perjury cases? so you right with fannie and freddie, they can look to the testimony on the hill and their financial statements. >> which is why in the beginning that i quoted from the sec, saying, it was quote, material. they would have a perjury charge, the statement, the untrue statement must be material and the sec alleges that it is material. i have a theory that it has become to the point where you steal a whole lot of money, you don't get charged criminally. you get a civil investigation. on wall street, if you caused a big trouble, you get a civil
10:35 pm
investigation. you don't get the -- the justice department investigating. but i am curious, has this been referred to the justice department for a criminal investigation or perhaps prosecution? >> that's unclear. but i can tell you, it is something i have been reporting on all year long. there was a major hesitancy among bank regulators when theicateses had to go against having strong criminal cases looking at wall street executives. they thought it would be too hard on the system. maybe they were right, maybe they were wrong. that's why we are here in 2011 with almost no criminal prosecutions, relate to the crisis. >> some of this looks quite simple for a prosecutor. so it almost seems like people are deliberately, you know, letting this go civil not criminal. but thank you. >> thank you:. >> now to a fiery fight over immigration and it isn't arizona, it's connecticut.
10:36 pm
the mayor of new haven, connecticut is proposing a plan to allow illegal immigrants to vote in their local elections. the mayor says that immigrants should be given a say in their community. but the state senator calls the plan unamerican, unpatriotic and unacceptable. we invited the mayor to appear on the program. he diclined. but the senator is here. good evening, sir. >> good evening, gret amount of i know you hate this. the thought that someone in this country who is not a citizen, someone who is here illegally would have a right to vote. how has this unfolded. >> i don't think any of us could believe our ears when the mayor said -- and he believes this -- that the right thing to do would be to confer on people who are here unlawfully, the most precious right that we as americans enjoy, the trite vote. i think it really blew almost everyone away in the state of
10:37 pm
connecticut. this idea could be coming from an elected official of such stature. >> there is one part that i read tsays that the mayor compared it to letting african-americans and women vote, we let -- essentially -- that there is no reason why illegal people here, immigrants, non-citizens shouldn't vote, since we let african-american women, the major difference, not part of the discussion, african-americans and women are citizens. >> yeah. the rule of law, if the rule of law means anything in this country tmeans that you don't reward people who break the law by giving to them the most precious right that americans enjoy. it just turns the constitution on its head and offends every bone in my body that we should contemplate this kind of reward. >> you know, it is not unheard of. i mean, there are a couple of places in maryland and local municipalities where noncitizens can vote. but i am curious, are people --
10:38 pm
is this going on happen in connecticut? there enough push back on it from your position? or is this going going to happe? >> opposition is growing every day. for people who are in this country, lawfully, people with green cards, you can make a strong case that they ought to be able to vote on a school budget, things like that. but what the mayor is proposing is that people who are here because they broke the law should be given the right to vote. and that is something that doesn't, even the most progressive of people recognize that that is an affront to every american value. >> does the mayor have any support? >> a couple of stating on the -- state legislators stood by his side when he made the proposal, but even members of his own party are frowning on this idea as not being something in keeping with what the people of connecticut deserve or expect. >> senator, thank you very much.
10:39 pm
we will follow it. people should go to gretawire and tell me what they think about this. >> thank you. >> alarms are going off -- literally. radioactive material, bombs for iran seized at the airport. general bob scales goes on the record. and big surprise for holiday shoppers, imagine getting to the register and finding out, your bill's been paid. it's happeningarn the country. we will tell you why. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here. to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line.
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my dis best absorbedlcium in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. >> general bob scales goes on the record. but first, let's go to the new york news with marianne rafferty. >> hi, gret a. senate leaders reaching a down-to-the-wire agreement on payroll tax cuts. it would only extend tax cuts and benefits for 2 months and would require president obama to accept oil demands for an oil pipeline in canada. the full senate will vote tomorrow. it also needs approval from the
10:44 pm
house. bar radio bonds, sentenced to 30 days house arrest after misleading a 2003 grand jury. they were investigating the balco steroid scandal. he was ordered to pay a $4,000 dispien perform 250 hours of service, butted it was stayed ar a an appeal. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." >> this is very disturbing. radioactive material's bound for iran seized in a russian airport. now, that is according do russia's customs agency, officials say they stopped a suspicious passenger, carrying the radioactive metal, about to board a flight to terrain. but iran is fighting back and calling it a lie. but the incident does sound another alarm that the world face ace dangerous nuclear threat from iran, sparking explosive arguments from last
10:45 pm
night's debate. >> we know without a shadow of a doubt, iran will take a nuclear weapon. they use it to wipe our ally, israel, off the face of the map. and they have stated they will use it against the united states of plerk. we need to make sure that they dont have a nuclear weapon and we would -- should be workings with the state of israel right now. we should use covert activity and be planning a strike against their facilities and say, dpow not open up those facilities and not close them down, we will close them down for you. >> it is time foritous recognize once again, a strong military does not create war, a strong america prevents people from trying to test us around the world. >> to me, the greatest danger is that we will have a president that will overreact and we will soon bomb iran. >> so, should or maybe even might the u.s. take military action against iran? major general bob scales joins us. >> hi, gret amount of at least some of the candidates were pretty fired up about iran.
10:46 pm
likely that we would take military action? >> boy, i tell you, that's a tough one. when i was -- on active duty, i was in a planning group that looked at iran as an enemy. iran is, from using the military term, iran is pretty much unassailable by conventional means. if we in concert with our allies and perhaps israel decide to bomb the nuclear facility, that might put them back 18 months. but the iranians have been very careful to disperse, dig in and distribute the facilities and put them in urban populations. it would be extremely difficult, not just to take out their nuclear capabilities, but their command and control and their missiles, very unlikely that something like to would have a lasting effect. >> so is it a done deal then? iran's going to have a nuclear weapon and even a delivery system to go with it? >> let me put it this way, if the intent of iran is to build a nuclear weapon, if they believe it's in their national interest, given time, the relationship and
10:47 pm
their passionate commitment to tthey will. what we have to do -- we in concert with our allies, we have to convince them it is not in their national interest, through covert action, as you have seen, perhaps the use of -- of -- to try to isolate them in the world, to make the leaders understand that building a nuclear weapon is not in their long-term interest is about the only alternative. >> with issues of sanctions, i mean, the brits were tight in terms of the imposing sanctions and more so than we are. in order for sanctions to work, everyone has to be on boards and comprehensive, not just poking someone in the eye with a stick. >> you know, it could have some indirect effect. but it only hurts the iranian people. they have the resources to do it. they have been chasing around the world, looking for the material. sanctions, as long as russia and china don't go along, have no real effect. frankly, i think the day is coming, unless we can deflect them and say that if the
10:48 pm
iranians want a nuclear weapon, they are going to get one. >> we have seen our last f-22. we -- we have video here. we chased the f-22 and an f-16, years ago, it's a remarkable fighter plane. but good idea to take this -- very expensive? >> very expensive. $150 million to produce. you tie in the r&d costs and it's a very expensive airplane. we have 180 or so. but! remember, the american way of war is premised on air dominance. approximate we don't have the air dominance, the other things don't count. very expensive airplane and the partner is the f-35, the joint strike fighter, less expensive. >> when we chase that in the f-16, it was remarkable how different it was, it made the f-16 look slow and cumbersome. it's a new generation. i am not suggesting we should have more.
10:49 pm
there is no country in the world we will will be in a dog fight with it. but it's a whole other generation. >> it's amazing. they have a stealthy airplane, amazing electronics. it is a fifth generation fighter. no one else in the world has a fifth generation fighter. it will clear the skies for our military endeavors for a generation do come. but it's a very expensive and difficult to maintain piece of equipment. >> general, thank you. nice to see you. >> straight ahead, a robbery gone wrong, very wrong. the thieves end up helping the police. how did that happen? and santa claus is getting help, a wave of generosity is sweeping the country. don't miss this. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee.
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>> from the dumb ideas time, firefighters saved a boy with a rope and a ladder from the chimney top. the teen wasn't hurt.
10:54 pm
new proof that the holiday spirit really does exist. at k-mart stores, anonymous donors are paying off leiaway accounts for less fortunate families. they're mostly footing the bill for children's toys and clothes. k-mart said it started in michigan and quickly spread. but no one knows what sparked the generosity. and there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, it's going to look a lot like christmas. but it is not because was the shiny decorations, find out the real reason. that's next. road trip buddy. let's put some music on.
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>> greta: time for last call. now if you're worried about spending too much this holiday season, you're not alone. here is jay leno. >> according to a new cbs poll, 33% of americans say they won't have enough money to cover their holiday spending. i believe these people are called congress. >> and that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. before we go, the greta wire arert system will send you breaking news whenever you are. i'll send them to you directly so you get on the record greta wire and breaking news fast, and first, and it's free. sign up where you're going to find the greta wire poll.


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